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SD Electrical

SDC Billet Fuel Baffle 

SDC Billet Electronic Throttle 

Injector Rail Spacers to Suit Bosch ECU Skis

High Volume Fuel Pump 

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Race Injector (Set of 3)

Race Injector

Injector Adaptors To Suit Bosch ECU Skis

Autronic Electronic Boost Control Valve

60LB Injector

60LB Injectors (Set of 3)

Autronic Raw Wiring Loom

Serial to Autronic SM4 Comms Port 

USB to Serial Adaptor

Autronic 500R CDI

Marine Case For Autronic SM4

Designed and manufactured in house to ensure all components stay dry in the harsh marine environment. Each case is built from billet alloy and anodised for superior protection against corrosion.  

SM4 Knock Control

Re Program Factory ECU

We can re-programme your oem ecu with custom programming to suit the setup that you would prefer.

We now have many different programs available for most Seadoo models, including Spark

Autronic SM4 ECU Stock/Ltd Class

Autronic SM4 ECU

Fully programmable ECU comes with base program installed. Special features include:

Launch control, antilag for turbo applications, ability to use negative timing, built in data logger,  able to use almost any type of injector including stock injectors or high current/high speed injectors, uses standard idle stepper motor.  This is a universal ECU with many other functions available.