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HSR Handling, Hull & Control

SDC Hood Seal

Water in the engine bay of a hydrospace is a common reason for problems with wiring and electrical components, much of this water comes through the poor quality OEM hood seal. Our seals adds some additional pressure and it can compress unlike the oem seal allowing it to keep all the water out.

Heavy Duty Steering Cable

Our H/D Steering cable is much stronger than the Oem cable. Comes complete with Hull fitting and cable ends.

SDC Rear Sponsons

The SDC rear sponsons are the result of many hours of testing and development to produce a sponson that enhances rear end grip without negatively impacting on other handling characteristics.

Billet Throttle Lever

Our levers come black annodised  with a 6mm thread to suit a Yamaha superjet throttle cable. 


SDC Pole Stay

The SDC pole stay is a absolute must for any hydrospace owner. Made of billet aluminium and anodised for superior protection against corrosion.  This simple component means you will never have to hold the pole again.