High performance
Personal watercraft specialists

Through all the testing and development required to produce world class race skis, Seadoo Centre’s underlining desired was always to offer this level of technology and performance to its customers. Any performance part you see on a Seadoo Centre race ski is available to you!

Seadoo Centre is an Authorised Seadoo repairer and therefore stocks a full range of OEM Seadoo spare parts and accessories.

​​​Seadoo Centre was founded in 2005, by Les Cooke.  After many years managing the service department of a Seadoo dealership, Les was looking for a new challenge. His Passion for the enhancement of Seadoo Watercraft was the driving force behind Seadoo Centre (SDC).

In a very short amount of time SDC developed a reputation as a world leader in high performance watercraft technology. This was empathised in 2009 when a SDC prepared ski won the World Championship. From this point the evolution and development of SDC products was remarkable.

"Innovation distinguishes between  a Leader and a Follower"

Seadoo Centre quickly diversified its business to be able to manufacture in house the majority of the parts required to build World Championship winning skis. Specialising in Electronics, CNC machining, Vacuum infused Composites and Alloy/Stainless steel welding. 

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